HBS Concrete Bonder


Concrete Bonder Type I is a ready to use, film forming, one-time re-emulsifiable liquid bonding agent, primer and polymer modifier for concrete. It is designed to improve the adhesive and physical properties of most cement based materials. Its blend of polymers provides optimum strength as a bonding agent or admixture for concrete repair, leveling, grouts, decorative overlays, spray toppings, thin sets and mortar beds or rubbing applications. It may be used interior or exterior, as well as below or above grade. It is can be used as wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry because it does re-emulsify one time after drying when used as a bonding agent for cement based applications.  Packaged in 1 gallon jugs.  Coverage rate is 100 - 300 square feet per gallon based on application.  

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