Fiberglass Rebar


Why use fiberglass rebar?

Longer Lasting Structures
Corrosion of internal reinforcing steel is one of the main reasons concrete structures deteriorate. Inevitably concrete will crack, creating a direct avenue for chlorides to begin oxidizing the steel rebar. Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP’s) are a proven and successful alternative reinforcing that give structures a longer service life.
Electrical Isolation
Concrete near high voltagles and electromagnetic fields can have its internal steel build stray and leakage currents. GFRP rebar is an electrial isolator made from the same materials as polymer insulators.
Temporary Structures
The aniostropic properties of  fiberglass rebar enable TBM and mining equipment to consume concrete in such applications as "soft-eye" openings in deep foundations.
Thermal Neutrality
Fiberglass rebar is thermally non-conductive which helps isolate concrete members from thermal effects, such as in the THiN-Wall insuated wall panel building envelop system.
    • Impervious to Chloride Ion and low pH chemical attack
    • Tensile strengths greater than steel
    • 1/4 the weight of steel rebar
    • Transparent to magnetic fields and radio frequencies
    • Electrically non-conductive
    • Thermally non-conductive

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