GFRC- Premix Superior Strength Balanced


Superior Strength Balanced GFRC complete mix. This is a complete blend of white Portland cement, graded Quartzite sand, Silica Fume and Trinic's revolutionary admix blend. The proportions in this mix are designed to provide maximum strength for both compression and flexibility. As with all of our products the GFRC premix is third party tested so you know that your working with the best materials.

  • Just add water for a spray up face coat
  • Add fiber for hand pack or spray up backer coat
  • Add Plasticiser to make SCC/ ECC
  • High performance
  • No freezing or molding worries


Trinic GFRC Premix contains all of the components necessary to make high performance GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) just add water and fiber.

When mixing 50 lbs at a time (typical 5 gallon bucket full) water added is usually between 6.5 lbs. and 8.5 lbs. samples should be made to determine the exact amount required.

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