Hard & Shine


Hard & Shine

The longest-lasting shine and best possible protection use to kick up the performance of your existing sealer. 

  • Beautiful high-gloss or mirror finish
  • Superior hardness and abrasion- resistance for extended durability
  • Maximum protection in the class of renewable finishes
  • No yellowing or  discoloration
  • Easy touch-up of traffic patterns; no stripping required

Hard & Shine is break-though technology with several of the very newest chemical components available for renewable finishes.

With Hard & Shine the surface is harder, more abrasion-resistant and more durable. The surface is protected from a wide range of contaminants such as oil, acetone, coffee and other beverage spills.

The shine is high gloss with just a mop-on or roll-on. With a light buff, it becomes a true mirror finish.

Preparation: Prepare surface by thorough cleaning.  Only deep scratches will need to be addressed prior to Hard & Shine. Minor scratches will be filled.

Application:  Use a new short-shag roller or mop. The polish will dry to a high-gloss, super- durable finish.  For mirror finish, buff with sheepskin or other buffing pad 3 – 4 hours after application.

Coverage Rate: about 1,500 sq.ft./gallon

Specifications: Solids 22% VOC: ~25g/L Gloss (typical): 60°

Packaging: Sample Pints Quarts Gallons or 5-Gallon Pails


  • Item #: Hard & Shine

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