Stampable Concrete Overlay

Pasto is a polymer modified stampable concrete overlay specifically designed for both interior and exterior surfaces. The stamps can vary from random stone to slate to tile or wood plan finishes. It is applied at a thickness of ¼” to 3/8” in a single application. It is suited for continued exposure to commercial vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Pasto is typically used on patios, courtyards, pedestrian bridges, sidewalks, balconies, breezeways, plaza decks, pool decks, lobbies, atrium, entryways, foyers, corridors and driveways.

  • Extensive range of colors, textures, patterns and finishing techniques
  • Installed at a minimum ¼” thickness to maximum of 3/8” thickness
  • Can be integrally colored with Colorfast
  • Achieves excellent results with chemicals stains (acid stains), dyes or water based stains
  • Ideal for interior or exterior applications using conventional stamping tools
  • Suitable for application over concrete in retail, commercial and residential environments

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