Pentra-Sil® (244+)



Pentra-Sil® (244+) is a premium Nano-Lithium® hardener, densifier and hydrophobic sealer ideal for protecting concrete and masonry surfaces against damage from freeze-thaw cycles, moisture, and chloride ion intrusion.

Pentra-Sil® (244+) combines the benefits of Nano-Lithium® densification with reactive silicone chemistry to meet the NCHRP 244 standard for chloride protection of concrete in a single application. The reactive treatment reduces permeability and helps prevent efflorescence and spalling. When applied to concrete, it penetrates and reacts with calcium hydroxide to form insoluble calcium silicate hydrate, making the treated concrete more water, stain, and abrasion resistant for easier maintenance and longer life.




• Protects against salt and freeze/thaw damage

• Hardens, densifies and dust-proofs

• Easy-to-use, low odor, no rinsing required 

• Defense against water and harmful substances

• Not susceptible to UV damage

• Breathable--allows moisture to escape without damage to the surface

• Penetrates--no film to lift or peel off

• Reduces efflorescence and surface sweating

• Does not contribute to surface ASR or promote crazing

• VOC compliant, may contribute to LEED points (IEQ credit)



Machine-troweled: 600-800 ft² per gallon (14.7-19.6 m² per liter) 

Broom-finished: 250-350 ft² per gallon (6.1-8.6 m² per liter)

*Coverage rate will vary with concrete porosity and environmental conditions. 


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