Small Wood Table


Trinic made this mold to satisfy the growing interest in outdoor living. Although it serves as a great indoor feature as well. The ledger boards located at the top and bottom of this form give an authentic "finished" look to the end product. Coloring is easy with Trinic's extensive line of UV stable colors.

Weight: 50# Dimensions: 53.25" X 25.25" X 1"

Estimated life span with proper care = 1,000

Suggested mold release = Wax / Poly Ease/ Vaseline and mineral spirits (remove residue and clean mold after use to prevent degradation)

Composition = 74-45 urethane


Typically, no release agent is necessary when casting plaster or wax in Poly 74-Series molds.

For casting plaster: sponge, dip or spray the mold with Pol-Ease® Mold Rinse and then pour plaster on the wet mold to reduce air bubbles in the plaster and aid release.

For casting concrete, use a form release, such as Wax, Pol-Ease® 2300, 2650 or 2601. Avoid solvent-containing releases since they can cause mold distortion(i.e., shrinkage or swelling).

After repeated casting with certain resins, plaster and concrete, molds may shrink slightly since these materials extract oils from the mold. The proper selection of release agent and/or barrier coat can minimize this effect. If shrinkage becomes evident, a light application of Pol-Ease® Mold

Dressing can help to restore the mold to its original dimensions.

Poly 74-Series molds last many years if stored undistorted on a flat, non-porous surface in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.

If occasional outdoor use is required, add 0.5% UV Additive to the total mix weight to reduce the characteristic surface degradation caused by sunlight.

Never store Poly 74-Series molds outside as UV exposure will eventually degrade the rubber.


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