Tek Gel for Profiling - TGP101


Used to open up (profile) and clean the concrete surface.  120 sandpaper grit opening.  Removes rust, mold, mildew, grease/oil, dirt and much more - profiles and cleans in 1 step. 

EASY TO USE - roll it on, scrub it in until it stops sizzling, flush expired product to sewer with water.

LEED compliant

Coverage: 300-350 sf/G 

Coverage using SSD - 350-400 sf/G

Typical square foot cost: .23 cents - .25 cents/sf


https://www.duraamen.com/video-gallery/concrete-surface-preparation#videos-9  Application video demonstrating HD24 Pre Grind - our most aggressive etching product.  Application for Tek Gel for Profiling is exactly the same as shown in video.

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